Singapore Botanical Gardens


To monitor the success of wetland restoration at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens Study Area Map


  • to establish a wetland restoration monitoring program at Keppel and Eco Lake wetlands, monitoring hydrology, soils, vegetation, and wildlife
  • to establish baseline ecological conditions at Eco Lake to understand the future effects of management actions, such as increasing water levels by 1 meter
  • to engage and train Geography/BES and other students interested in restoration to learn fieldwork
  • to understand how allowing public access affects wetland ecology and functioning list
  • to apply the knowledge acquired in field sampling and monitoring, scaling it up to a regional and global scale
Geography and BES Students taking GE4224 @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

To achieve these objectives, we sample the vegetation (DBH, tree height, canopy cover, herbaceous cover and species diversity), soil parameters (moisture, colour, texture and pH), hydrology (soil moisture and inundation locations/elevation), and in situ water quality parameters (temperature, dissolved oxygen, and others depending on availability of equipment).

Group of students measuring canopy cover using the densitometer