Dr. Gretchen Coffman

Senior Lecturer


My research focuses on the study of conservation biogeography, the exploration of factors that limit ecosystem recovery, and the development of conservation and restoration strategies. 

To view my complete Resumé including research and teaching history go to gretchencoffman.org

I am a member of the Tropical Environmental Change (TEC) research group at NUS and engaged in ongoing, funded research projects in Singapore and throughout the Southeast Asian Region. This research focuses on riparian plant ecology, restoration of endangered species and ecosystems, conservation biogeography, and invasive plant biology in wetlands and river systems of tropical and Mediterranean climates.

My research employs a variety of study designs, methods, and scales to answer scientific questions that to tackle a spectrum of conservation and restoration challenges. I actively engage undergraduate and graduate students in my field research, including travel to research locations throughout the Southeast Asia and California.


Biodiversity Record: Sunda Pangolin at the Botanic Gardens, Nature in Singapore, 2022

Capturing the Majestic Mai Hing Sam of Laos, Harvard University Arnold Arboretum, 2021


2023 – 20th Annual International Ocean Film Festival – Roots to Reefs 360 film official selection

2021 – 2022 NUS FASS Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (FTEA)

2021 – 2022 NUS Annual Digital Education Award (ADEA)

2020 – 2021 NUS FASS Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (FTEA)

2020 – 2021 NUS Annual Digital Education Award (ADEA)

2016 – Arthur Furst Faculty Research Award that honors University of San Francisco Faculty or Alumnus whose work exemplifies research for the betterment of humanity.

2015 – National Geographic Explorer. Restoration of Critically Endangered Swamp Cypress Trees of Laos.