Proboscis Monkeys, Labuk Bay

Meet the endemic Proboscis Monkeys of Labuk Bay, Sabah Malaysian Borneo! They live in the mangrove forests next to the palm oil plantations. These are leaf eater monkey’s but then … Read more

Sepilok, Borneo, Malaysia

Walking with Wong through the Sepilok rainforest guess what we found? We walked right into a family of orangutans with a small baby just above us! Lots of amazing dipterocarp … Read more

Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Our film team explores the transition between lowland dipterocarp forest and mangroves near Dagat in Tabin Wildlife Reserve!

Dagat Village

Our team stayed at the Dagat Village in homestays with a local ethnic group who are fishermen in the mangrove. They catch giant prawns and mangrove fish which we ate … Read more

Sabah, Borneo

Chocolate milk of the Tabin River winding its way through oil palm plantations on our way upstream to Tabin Wildlife preserve where the water is so clear we can see … Read more

Sepilok Center

The orangutans were exceptionally playful today at the rehab centre in Sepilok! Low volume of tourists post pandemic maybe? What a joy to watch them swinging from tree to tree … Read more

Walking Through the sky

I had an off day yesterday with FRIM so my supervisor, Mr. Sadali, took me to the beautiful Taman Negara national park. It was a relatively short drive of about … Read more

TRE Week 1: Monitoring Instruction!

During tropical storms, rain scours the land and runoff carries sediments into the nearest sink – for Batu Puteh and the surrounding villages this is the Kinabatangan river. Overland flows … Read more

Gis Course

I just took a GIS course and it was fabulous!